Applying for Montessori

If your student has applied for the Westport Montessori magnet program, you will receive communications from us as to required elements that will complete your application. Be sure to complete your application to the JCPS options and magnets school choice before completing the linked forms below. 

The window for magnet applications is closed for the 2024-2025 school year. 

Montessori Applicant Google Form (English)

Montessori Applicant Google Form (Spanish)

Teacher Recommendation Google Form

Parent Testimonials

We have two very bright and fun...but extremely different daughters, and they have each benefited from Westport's Montessori Program. Our oldest, now a Junior at DuPont Manual High School, is a shy introvert who is heavily focused on academics and music, while our current 8th Grader is an extrovert, focused on art and friends. We think it speaks so highly of the Montessori model and of the teachers that both girls found their place at Westport and really thrived there. Each of them found activities to engage in, and the teachers, counselors, and coaches helped to make sure their individual needs were met.  What more could parents ask for, particularly during the transitional period that is middle school?!

Liz and Yaphet Edghill, current Montessori parents 

Middle school is probably the toughest transition in a kid’s school life, and my child is always excited to go to school and comes home happy. I think that's (mental well-being) the most important thing when choosing a middle school. As a bonus, the skills they acquire from developing their work plans and reflections will help them through high school, college and their adult life. The program comes with smaller classroom sizes and some of the best teachers in the district.

Arthi Kaundar, MD and Rajaneeshankar Palani, MD, current Montessori parents

Our family has had a great experience with the Montessori program at Westport. When our son started 6th grade, it was the first full year back in-person after NTI. The teachers were so communicative and helpful during that transition time, both to in-person instruction and into middle school. Our younger daughter is now in 6th grade and has gotten involved in different activities, but is still experiencing the same level of instruction that makes Westport Montessori unique. The curriculum is interesting and interactive. Students can work at their own pace and learn in their own ways; all while being supported by the teachers and staff.  Collaboration is a big part of the classroom experience, so we have seen our kids become more open-minded and exposed to diverse ideas. Because of all these positive experiences, we feel that our kids will not only be prepared for high school, but also well-rounded learners throughout their educational experience and beyond.

Chris & Katie Gilbert, current Montessori parents

General Information

What is Montessori?

Montessori style instruction focuses on building self-directed, independent learners.  Westport Montessori teachers are always growing and improving in their craft and are currently involved with Xavier University's Montessori department for ongoing professional development. 

Athletics & Activities

Westport is a large middle school who's athletics department rivals most high schools in JCPS.  We also have a number of extra-curricular activities and programs that students can engage with during their middle school experience.

GT/AP/ECE/ML Classes

No matter a student's needs, we will provide them the opportunities necessary for them to be successful.  Whether that is a student with a gifted and talented GSSP, an ESL PSP, advanced program, or a special needs IEP, Westport will work hard to meet each individual student's needs.

Student Supports

Westport has a number of supports for students based on their needs.  We have programs to address wellness, social/emotional needs, academic interventions, behavior coaches, mental health professionals, and many other specialists that your student could interact with.

Class Sizes

Most class sizes average around 27 or fewer students, but a core class will never exceed 31 students and most related arts pathways classes are fewer than 25 students.

High School Options

Westport has historically had students feed into several of the high schools that are geographically close to us, but have also had success having students apply and be accepted into high schools such at Manual, YPAS, and other high school programs across the district.

Social Media

Westport is active in social media and would encourage families to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Westport also actively uses SchoolCNXT and School Messenger to communicate directly with families.

PTA Involvement

We encourage all families to join and partner with us through our PTA.  Joining our PTA is a great opportunity to connect with other families, volunteer, and support our students and staff.

Dress Code

Westport does not have a strict dress code or uniform policy, instead we have guidelines we expect our students to follow.

Understanding the Montessori Magnet Theme.pdf

Understanding the Montessori Theme

Read more to gain a better understanding of the Montessori theme at Westport Middle School.

SBDM Magnet Policy.pdf

SBDM Student Policy

View the SBDM Policy to better understand the expectations for students in the Montessori Program.