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Assistant Principals

Keonda Mays, 6th Grade

Craig Jay, 7th Grade

Jeremy Anderson , 8th Grade

School Counselors

Todd Koch, 6th Grade

Brittany Ford, 7th Grade

Calvonne Spaulding, 8th Grade

8th Grade Teams


*Brandy Voyles, Math

Stasia Lindsey, ELA

Greg Perram, SS

Brent Grimes, Science

6th-8th Grade Teams 


Yarah Boschetti, Healthcare Science

Sam Daniel, Business & Communications

Christie Darlage, Business & Communications

Rachel Frydlewicz, Business & Communications

Erin James, Healthcare Science

Theresa Lyvers, Engineering & Design

Nathan Sells, Engineering & Design

Kim Stephenson, Engineering & Design

Azaria Battle, PE

Jeff Duncan, PE

Erin Herndon, Chorus

Kaitlin Callihan, Band

Wesley Mayes, African-American History

Ross McNary, Art

Staff & Student Support

Lea Ann Atherton, Library Media Specialist

Annie Beanblossom, ML Coach

Theo Bellamy, Athletic Director

Christi Brooks, Mental Health Practitioner

Elizabeth Canale, Explore Pathways Coach

Joe Carter, Youth Service Center Coordinator

Paige Coffey, Mental Health Practitioner

Ashley Cook, ECE Consulting Teacher

Kelly Egan, Vision Specialist

Amanda Elkins, ECE Consulting Teacher

Ashley Emig, Psychologist

Alice Gnau, Academic Instructional Coach

Lori Johnson, Vision Specialist

Sharon Klump, Montessori Magnet Coordinator

Ray Lockwood, ISAP Teacher

Jason Murray, Speech Pathologist

Cecilia Omdal, School Administration Manager

Jackie Pi, Building Assessment Coordinator

Terry Pulce, School Safety Administrator

Andrew Schulte, School Technology Coordinator

Anna Tachau, PBIS Coach

Office Staff, Clerks & Security

Kelly Dettlinger, Bookkeeper

Deborah Brutscher, Cafeteria Manager

Mary Wells, Records Clerk

Vacancy, ECE Clerk

Jennifer Carrell, Secretary

Vacancy, Plant Operator

Andrea Fisher-Jones, Attendance Clerk

Arthur Smith, Security

Instructors & Instructional Assistants

Westport's SBDM Council is responsible for general governance, policy-making, budget development, and staffing consultation, meets the second Monday of every month during the school year.  They also meet as needed to address timely topics or issues with special-called meetings throughout the year and over the summer.  The following people currently make up Westport's SBDM:

Schedule of Meetings for 2023-2024 (Meetings are typically held at 4:00 in the room 118 conference room)

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We are located at 8100 Westport Road, approximately 1.5 miles east of the Watterson Expressway. We're looking forward to your visit!

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