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Theo Bellamy

Athletic & Activities Director, Westport Middle School

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Athletics Expectations

One requirement for parents and students is to view the JCPS Health & Safety Video. Students must watch it annually; parents must watch it one time at each grade level (middle and high). Coaches must stay current in their certification of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) Sports Safety Course.

JCPS/KHSAA regulations govern all schools and sports in the district. JCPS currently sponsors football, soccer, field hockey, cross-country, volleyball, golf, boys' basketball, girls' basketball, archery, competitive cheer, dance team, swimming, baseball, fast pitch softball, track and field, and tennis. The association's bylaws create rules for all sports, including limitation of seasons, transfer rules, recruitment and influencing students, officiating, sportsmanship, and requirements to coach.


JCPS expects all students, players, coaches, fans, and parents to display good sportsmanship at all times and at all events. Remember that school sports are meant for young people to learn how to respond in certain situations, both good and bad.

Follow these simple guidelines when attending JCPS sporting events:

Follow this link to learn more about the forms, requirements, and safety precautions JCPS takes to support our student-athletes.