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Join our Team!

Westport Middle School is one of the most unique schools in all of Jefferson County! In the last 6 years, Westport has grown by nearly 80% (to over 1300 students!), which has brought on the need to recruit and retain some of the best, brightest, and most dedicated teachers in all of JCPS. Westport is always looking for great teachers to join our staff of professional and passionate teachers. Westport is a school on the rise and with vibrant programs such as our Montessori magnet, our award-winning robotics program, and our electric orchestra program. It is no wonder that students and teachers from all over Jefferson County want to be at Westport!

Westport is looking for teachers who are certified in Math, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and Special Education for the next school year. If you are passionate about working in a collaborative environment that values teacher input, that will challenge you to grow and develop as a teacher and that provides support and resources no matter your experience level, then you would be a great fit for Westport and potentially a future Warhawk!

If you already teach in JCPS and are ready for a change, please select Westport as a potential transfer destination. If you are a teacher from outside JCPS, or a recent college graduate with a certificate of eligibility from the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board, visit the JCPS’s human resources website and current JCPS JobList.

On top of JCPS’s current salary schedule and benefits, Westport provides numerous benefits to our staff members that no other school can compete with:

  • UL Signature Partnership, Master’s Degree Tuition Assistance

  • National Board Certified Teacher Support and Reimbursement

  • Daily Professional Learning Community (PLC) Period

  • New Teacher Cadre Support Program (New Teachers and Teachers New to Westport)

  • Peer Support Program

  • Rigorous Professional Development Opportunities and Experiences

  • Paid Extended Work Day/ESS Opportunities

  • Numerous Clubs and Programs

  • Collegial Atmosphere with Vibrant and Passionate Staff

  • Student Behavior Support Team

  • Community Engagement Opportunities

Come take the challenge of working at Westport Middle School and come be a part of a community that you will be proud of! Once you submit your application online, please contact me through email to learn more about Westport, ask any questions you might have, and to schedule an interview.

Welcome future Warhawks!

Jodie Zeller, Principal

Westport Middle School